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Frontline Health Worker

The roles and activities of Frontline Health Workers are tailored to meet the needs of the people in the local communities. A Frontline Health Worker is expected to create connections between vulnerable populations and healthcare systems, respond to basic needs of the people through education, training and services. A Frontline Health Worker is expected to provide awareness on topics related to infectious diseases, identification of symptoms and prevention of spread of infections. Other roles of FHW include support to other Community Health Members, counsel and support women on nutritional and health needs of young children as well as maintain health records.

  • Physical assessment of patient b height, weight, body temperature, skin condition, eyes, nail condition, emotional state, posture, pulse, respiration rate, BP etc.
  • First aid for minor ailments, injuries, fracture, heavy bleeding
  • Wound dressing & bandaging
  • Dispense medicines b OTC, prescription medicines
  • Other relevant non-invasive services
Main Topic
Sub Topic
Environment & its Effects on Health
Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI) & Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)
Main Topic
Sub Topic
First Aid - Advanced Techniques
ABC of Wound Dressing & Bandaging
Oral Administration of Medicines
Feeding Patient
Basic Documentation for Records & Registrations
Main Topic
Sub Topic
Personal safety measures - Practice hand hygiene, use of PPEs
Subcutanesous Injection Adminstration
Intramuscular Injection Adminstration
Intradermal Injection Adminstration