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Construction & Infra Equipment

Construction & Infra Equipment

Construction sector in India is the second largest economic activity after agriculture and provides employment to about 33 million people. India's Construction industry has grown at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of about 11.1% over the last eight years on the back of massive infrastructure investment and rapid rise in housing demand. FDI inflow into the sector during 2007-08 is estimated to be around Rs. 240 billion. Spending on infrastructure sectors such as ports, power plants and roads is projected at more than Rs. 2.5 trillion annually for the next six years, and will require 92 million man years of labour. Construction investment accounts for around 52.4% of the Gross Fixed Capital Formation in India. Investments in Construction have a positive domino effect on supplier industries, thereby contributing immensely to economic development. Construction sector has strong linkages with various industries such as cement, steel, chemicals, paints, tiles, fixtures and fittings. While in the short term it serves as a demand booster, in the long run it contributes towards boosting the infrastructure capacity.


Some Skill Gaps as Identified by Industry:

  • Inadequate knowledge of construction specific areas
  • Lack of knowledge of basic machine operations
  • Lack of communication and team building skills
  • Insufficient ability to manage multiple contractors
  • Insufficient ability to develop and comply to a Preventive Maintenance schedule
  • Inadequate orientation to develop and adhere to safety norms at construction site
  • Inadequate practical industry exposure
  • Very little safety orientation
  • Inadequate workplace skills – discipline, cleanliness, etc.

InSkills offers programs in skill areas like:

Assistant Mason - CON/Q0102
Assistant Electrician - CON/Q0601
Excavator Operator - IES/Q0103

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