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As per the UNDP Global Human Development Report (HDR), inspite of the absolute value of the Human Development Index (HDI) for India improving marginally, the relative ranking of India has not changed much. India still languishes at 128th rank among the countries. For the users of healthcare services, the choice is increasing and the ability to afford the best is rising. Consumers are migrating from the single doctor nursing homes to a more organized hospital delivery format, analogous to the retail sector. There are benchmarks and brands of multi-locational providers across industry. Owing to information explosion, the Indian healthcare consumer is engaging in 'comparison shopping' - looking at quality healthcare not only in urban but also the rural areas and tier II cities.


Some Skill Gaps as Identified by Industry:

  • Inadequate skills to work in teams
  • Inadequate ability to use of computers and hospital information system
  • Inadequate orientation towards emergency management and disaster management
  • Inadequate communications skill
  • Inadequate hands-on experience of operating machines & technology
  • Inadequate ability to administer medicines
  • Inadequate knowledge for bio-medical waste

InSkills offers programs in skill areas like:

General Duty Assistant - HSS/Q 5101
Pharmacy Assistant - HSS / Q 5401
Medical Laboratory Technician - HSS / Q 0301

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