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The consumption of Electronics was US $ 28 billion in 2005. It is estimated that the demand for electronics (consumption) in India will be US $ 126 billion in 2010 and US $ 363 billion in 2015. Out of this, the Indian Electronics and IT Hardware sector production amounted to Rs. 947 billion in 2009 and has grown at a CAGR of 16.4% since 2002. The Indian Electronics and IT Hardware sector has 6 key segments, namely Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, IT Hardware, Telecommunication Equipment, Electronic Components, and Strategic Electronics. Consumer Electronics and Telecom Equipment are the largest segments with about 27% share each in total production.


Some Skill Gaps as Identified by Industry:

  • Practical skills for using technical equipment and machines
  • Ability to follow instructions and understand operating manuals for strict adherence
  • Ability to identify defects and rectify them
  • Ability to ensure minimum wastage
  • Ability to work in a team as well as on an individual basis
  • Awareness of health and safety standards
  • Knowledge of quality standards
  • Adaptability to new processes/production lines.

InSkills offers programs in skill areas like:

Smartphones Repair Technician - ELE/Q8104
Field Technician (Computing & Peripherals) - ELE / Q4601

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