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Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

UN Tourism 2020 Vision forecasts that international tourist arrivals are expected to reach nearly 11.6 billion by the year 2020. Of these worldwide arrivals in 2020, 1.2 billion will be intra-regional and 378 million will be long-haul travelers. The T&T industry in India accounted for approximately 6% of GDP and 30.5 million jobs (including direct and indirect). Tourism is one of the largest net earners of foreign exchange for the country recording earnings of US $11,747 million in last financial year, annual growth rate of 9.5% as per data from Ministry of Tourism. ravel & Tourism, being employment intensive, provides employment to approximately 31 million (both direct & indirect) people throughout the country and is one of the largest employers in the country; this number is expected to rise to over 40 million by 2019 and over 43 million by 2022.


Some Skill Gaps as Identified by Industry:

  • Inadequate presentation skills, time and people management skills
  • Insufficient knowledge of ticketing
  • Lack of adequate geographical knowledge
  • Lack of adequate procedural knowledge on Passports and Visas
  • Inadequate technical know-how

InSkills offers programs in skill areas like:

Meet & Greet Officer - THC/Q4205
Housekeeping Attendant - THC/Q0203

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